Top Five Reasons Why You Should Promote With Bumper Stickers

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Willing to attract a bigger sector on a lesser expense? Think the Bumper Sticker! Your company logo, event promotion, political proclamation, or perhaps captivating concept that suits perfectly into the bumper sticker layout, which charges less than regular advertising. Convert rush hour gridlock into your own, profitable billboard! What can Bumper Stickers do for you?

Bumper Stickers: 
  • Achieve A Massive, Impressionable Audience 
  • Develop Company Identity 
  • Boost Company Visibility 
  • Are Economical
  • Enhance Further Advertising Efforts


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How frequently do you end up being stuck in a traffic jam, paying attention to that the car ahead of you has a glossy sticker posted to the bumper? Are you going to read it? Definitely! Why wouldn't you? Several people check out stickers posted to bumpers and windows if possible. Well-written bumper sticker messages keep a positive and long-lasting impression on those who read it.

How many people do you have to pass on your morning commute? Hundreds? Thousands? Imagine you could possibly leave a lasting impression on every one of them? Are these prospective consumers worth marketing to? Bumper Stickers put your business label, rates, and slogans into the thoughts of a huge target audience dailyA research performed by Perception Research reports that mobile marketing creates 2 .5 times more awareness than traditional billboards. In a survey conducted by Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA's market research, 96% of respondents consider mobile advertising is much more effective than standard outdoor advertising. Discuss more blast for your buck!

Develop Company Identity, Boost Company Visibility 

Product Acceptance and Research Inc. in Washington D.C. researched customer awareness of traditional and mobile billboards. The data were amazing! Mobile billboards generated a 107% rise in revenue compared to the traditional billboards' 54%. Since Bumper Stickers are a lesser version of mobile billboards, we can presume similar results for Bumper Stickers compared to other variations of small traditional ads such as Posters.

The outstanding exposure your company label and logo find on a Bumper Sticker will develop your identity and enable you to be recognised from the crowd. Product popularity is an effective force. Begin topping competitors who only use standard forms of advisement. It's simple psychology: the better potential consumers see your company's name, slogan, and logo, the more likely they are to seek out what you have to provide.

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In comparison to television and radio ads, Bumper Stickers are considerably the most affordable. Based on StrategicMedia .com, an ordinary weekly radio-advertising ranksfor a mid sized city costs around $ 2, 500. Local television commercials can cost as low as $5 for 30-second time slot, however might be watched by less than 1000 audience.  According to entrepreneurs' resource Gaebler .com, the average charges for television ads on less popular nationwide programs might run in excess of $ 100,000 for 30 seconds. These costs boost rapidly!
Bumper Stickers are much less expensive. You can print 1000 custom Bumper Stickers at any sticker printing company for under 600 dollars. That's 59 Cents per Bumper Sticker! When compared with television and radio commercials that is certainly a pocket change! Take note, one Bumper Sticker has the ability to promote many individuals per day! And that Bumper Sticker can proceed advertising your business, every day, for many years to come, without renewal costs!

Enhance Further Advertising Efforts
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Bumper Labels promotion is an efficient stand-alone advertising strategy, yet it's even more beneficial as one of several marketing implementations in a bigger marketing campaign. Designed correctly, Bumper Stickers strengthen the statement you are transmitting via direct mail, broadcast and or print media, for a minimal cost. In case you're already preparation a huge marketing blitz, include a lot of extra impression for a little extra investment and value the power of cooperation!

Stick to it! 
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Keep it altogether for a secure fit: your finances extend further once you spread your message with Bumper Stickers, the glue that holds your marketing campaign together.

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