How to Read Typical Warranty Sticker or Bar-code Sticker

Many of didn’t know how to read or interpret the bar-code stickers.

Check out below on how to read the warranty sticker of barcode sticker from

Warranty Stickers / Bar-code Stickers

  1.     Dealer name
  2.     Customer name
  3.     Options
  4.     Bar-coded order number
  5.     Sash size*—Dimension of the window unit.
  6.     Model and type of window
  7.     Vytex production lot number
  8.     Customer order number—The specific 5-digit number assigned to the order of which the individual window is a part. This number is kept permanently on file and should be referred to when ordering warranty or service parts.
  9.     Customer order line number
  10.     Customer order bin number
  11.     Location of window sash (Top/Bottom/Left/Right)
  12.     Model series*—The model number, color, and style of window.

* This information is required when ordering warranty and service parts for your replacement windows. Vytex can reference this information in our customer database if service is required. 


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