How personalized your furniture using stickers.

Stickers can add a down-home, cheerful touch to informal boring wooden furniture. Avoid using stickers to expensive furniture it might damage the surface when you remove the stickers. Your furniture will look ugly and dirty, but they look right at home on some. Personalizing furniture is suitable for child’s room or play room.

Application Techniques
A surface to be decorated with stickers must be clean; remove all wax and dirt. Stickers consist of a painted or printed image on a varnished or lacquered paper base. To apply a sticker, just simply peel off the backing paper. Follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.
If you don't like the effect of a decal, or if it isn't positioned correctly, peel it off. To remove sticker, just click this link “how to remove sticker”.

Protecting the Surface
To prevent damage to the sticker, the surface should be sealed with varnish. Apply the varnish directly over the stickers.

You have many options to consider when decorating furniture. Whether you want to add a worn-out look, gold tint, stencils or painted stripes, the key is making sure your materials are compatible and knowing how to use them correctly.

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